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DWS Drone School, Education in Wilmington

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About DWS Drone School

DWS offers possibly one of the most comprehensive training and education aeronautics curriculums in our industry which was designed by commercial airline pilots and flight instructors and trainers who are also drone licensed pilots, on small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) to learn drone technology both on-line and at our school locations. We also teach students how to operate their drones in the field, to obtain careers in this growing industry. We teach students how to start their own drone company inexpensively. This “Best in Class” instruction and materials offers strategies and information that provides the breadth and depth of instruction to be a successful and proficient drone pilot and learn the rules, regulations and laws, to pass the Part 107 exam, required by the Federal Aviation Administration and thereby become certified as a drone pilot. We teach you not only how to pass this exam but how to have a successful drone career.


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